About Us

We welcome you to our nail spa, D&R, a place created to inspire beauty care for everyone. Our team of professional aestheticians will help you achieve your personal aesthetic goals and ensure that the treatments and nail enhancements with an emphasis on natural organic products are safe for your body and tailored specifically to each individual’s needs. We offer an array of services designed with the needs and desires of both men and women in mind.

Our mission is to help modern women develop a comprehensive understanding of themselves by awakening their hidden beauty and inspiring motivation. D&R Nail Spa’s mission is simple yet profound: they want their customers to feel confident in who they are because of what they do with their hands. From head-to-toe or inside out, we aim to make every customer feel great about how they look on their terms! At D & R nails spa, you will find a welcoming environment that embraces your individuality as well as an array of services, including nail care treatments such as manicures and pedicures, which can be tailored according to individual needs or desires.